About me

Photography is more than a hobby, a passion for me, if I may say, since 1960's. 

My first photographs back then, were black and white, which I used to process in the amateur darkroom I set in at home. My interest grew in time, despite my demanding professional life and I started trying analog photography, working on both color negatives and Dia films. 

After over forty years, I started using the digital technology, as well, in my works. 

I travel in Turkey and all over the world, at every opportunity, and so far, managed to develop an extensive portfolio of nature and history photography as well as portraits.

In 2014,I organized an exhibition for the benefit of Aegean University Leukemia Children's & Oncology Association at Sabancı Culture Center in Izmir.

I believe that each captured scene or face, shall let you travel in time, take you to those amazing places I've been and make you feel there, with me.

I hope you will enjoy each one of them as much as I do.

Moiz Çukurel